Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fisherman! - Watery Wednesday

I was tired from swimming.

Please give me a lift!


Deborah Godin said...

It would be fun to be a passenger and not have to do all the work!

2sweetnsaxy said...

Is it just me or does that look like a stormy sea? It looks like a huge wave is forming across the horizon.

Denise said...

I agree with 2sweetnsaxy, that's what I thought too. Great photo!

kden said...

My first time to your blog. I love your commentary with each picture. Very cool picture, what are they fishing for?

Liesel's House & Garden Party said...

It looks like painting :o) I love watching ships go by while regaining my energy after swimming

Tink *~*~* said...

Is that a big wave coming in toward the boat? YIKES! =8^0


Tink *~*~*

My Mobile Adventures *~*~* Presents: The Feast - Sanibel Island, Florida

mia said...



Tess said...

This photo is really nice,

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