Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cherry tree festival - Daytime

I ate chocolate banana and baking corn and yakisoba and…

I'll be fully and can't eat any more.

I also go here to eat in the evening!


Mariamellie said...

Ow Kazu!!! it is sooooooo lovely!! very romantic. Hmmm... I wish I can go to visit Japan one day for the Cherry tree festival. =)

uncleawang said...

Look at this beautiful.Nice shot,all of them.
Have a nice day.

ゆみ〜 said...

The sakuara really nice.

Саида said...

if there were not all those people around that would be heaven..
well, never seen such beauty in my life with my own eyes and camera) but...there are apple trees just in front of my window))) one day everything will be in blossom :)

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